When I enter in to the thoughts of my mind,
I’m taken back to a fonder time,
Trying to keep the memories sorted,
They seem to want to scatter.

Desiring youth, thinking back on my prime.
I’m given another mountain to climb.
Struggling to overcome and given the power to manage.

My faith rises within, his love abounds,
Doubts fade away, to the thoughts of another day.
Struggling to overcome and given the power to manage.

I am standing on what I believe,
Knowing that nothing is too hard to achieve.
Through God our eternal maker,
He is the mountain shaker.



















Amazing Love

God is Love. How can we understand this amazing love? When I married my husband 35 years ago, I was in love with him and told him repeatedly. I still tell him repeatedly and I still love him, but over the years, my love for him has grown to the point that when I say, “I love you”, those words just don’t express my deep heartfelt feelings. I cannot find the words I need to truly describe my feelings for him. I love his smile. He makes me smile. I love his sense of humor. He makes me laugh. He makes me feel special. He loves me back. These are the simple things, I love about my husband and I use the word, love, for lack of a better description.

I can understand how little phrases got started, like:   

  • He’s the Cat’s Meow.
  • I stick to you like Glue
  • You are my Sunshine
  • We go together like Bread and Butter

My husband is proof God loves me, because he brought us together. Love is just a word for some people, but to me, everything is hinged on it. There is a depth and width that we can never understand. (Corinthians 13).

Love has power to build up or tear down. Love can make you sick or love can heal you. Love can bring you to your knees or place you on a mountain top. Love can be painful, but it can be full of joy. Love can make you laugh or love can make you cry. I think love is the most powerful emotion in the universe. Isn’t it interesting that, God is Love?




Love Letters to the Magnificent One

Thursday October 8, 2009

Without you I can’t breathe. My heart is full of joy in your presence. You are the comforter of my soul and the lover of my life. Do not turn your face from me. I need you like the flowers need rain and the birds need their wings. There is none other like you. My soul hungers after you. You complete me. I go to bed thinking about you and rise early with you on my mind. Allow me to sit and glaze at your beauty. You are forever more lifting me up making sure I am provided for. Your love for me is from everlasting to everlasting, it has no beginning and no ending. You love me unconditionally. I can do no wrong. In your eyes, I am prefect. You cover me with the fragrance of your intentions and I am like a giddy child at just the mention of your name. You make me smile and laughter fills my emptiness. I forget about my troubles when you are near.

Magnificent, most wonderful and amazing you are. Your compassion is indescribable. You have changed my life for the better. Even the desires of my heart are provided through you. You have taught me how to give and receive, and the meaning of love. I delight myself in you and you grant all of my request. I trust you with my life and well being. In you, I have found a place of safety. My live has purpose and vision now, where there was none before. I know that I can call out your name and you will come to my rescue.

I will honor you because of who you are and not for what you can do for me. I don’t always understand your ways, but I will respect your decisions.   

Until another day,

Love and Kisses,



If you spend more time judging yourself, you will not have time to judge others. Self examination does come with a price. It’s time consuming and promotes change. It forces us to look in the mirror at our own reflections. It actually helps us to be more compassionate toward others.

Jesus said, “Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” (Matt 7:5) Sounds like self examination is in order to me.


My Heart

My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. Psalm 45:1 (NIV)

I consider myself to be a very simple person, who desires to be walking in the fullness of what God has available for me and my family. I don’t have any formal training in writing, nor do I have any credentials or titles, but what I do have is a stirring in my spirit to see people set free and enjoying our God given life to the fullest. My desire is to see people set free from the bondage of sin, sickness, strongholds of the enemy and to lift up the name of JESUS to empower the body of Christ to a position of boldness in the faith. If we are to see revival come to our nations, we are going to have to be a people who are willing to dig deeper to find the hidden treasures of God and embrace those things that are going to bring us victory. It’s time for the children of God to arise and see our enemies scattered. Many of us have lived in defeat and discouragement, focusing our daily lives on trying to make a living or just get through the day. I believe it’s time for change.